See. Be Seen.

A comment from a recent client

We don’t often get written comments from clients.  We usually get props when people are here in studio or they see a photo in an ordering session.  Today I received an email from Karen in Midlothian and I thought I’d share it.  After reading a post on the Agile Images Blog about my daughter, she writes:

Oh My Gosh!  I almost cried when i read your blog on your daughter’s prom pic.  I can relate!  That is a beautiful picture of a truly beautiful young woman!  I do love that angle and that was the perfect color dress she chose to complement her green eyes!  I look forward to working with you for years to come, I feel so blessed that I randomly found you through the Internet.  You were the start to making Bryce have a positive attitude toward his Sr. Year, giving him confidence from his pictures.  Thank you for exposing us to your talents! Karen, Midlothian.

I’ve created a page for nothing but comments for Ivey.  If you have something you’d like people to know about us, please click on the COMMENTS page and leave us a kind word.  We REALLY, REALLY appreciate all of the positive feedback we get.

Thanks to Karen for the uplifting comments this morning.


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