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The State Fair of Texas, Kids, and Cameras

Yesterday I spent the day with my family at the State Fair of Texas. Normally, I don’t post personal photos on the Ivey Blog, but in this case I was thinking of all of our clients, friends and readers when I looked through the photos. As I stood and watched my 3 year-old son ride one over-priced ride after the other, I heard others complain how “expensive” it can be to take your family to the fair. And yes, I felt the same, for about 15 seconds…Until that smile came around the corner on the first “Flying Tigers” airplane ride (8 coupons for those wondering). Where else can you buy a lifetime of memories, a genuine moment of happiness, and 335 great photo opportunities for about 200 bucks? Lots of places I’m sure, but I found mine at the State Fair. Sure I spent more than I wanted to. Sure, I ate more than I needed to. And sure, I took more pictures than you probably will. But I got my memories, spent the day with my family, and got these great photos. Take your kids to the fair. Take your CAMERA with you. Get close, and shoot away. PS The Corny Dog was extra good this year :-).

cd7 9693

Connor on the "Flying Tigers" ride - He really thinks he's flying this!

cd7 9724

Connor and Grammy on something that looked like it would make you dizzy.

cd7 9807

I swear this is the EXACT motorcycle ride that's been at the fair since I rode it in 1979.

cd7 9828

This smile made the whole day worth it.

cd7 9847

When a large raptor swoops over you at 40mph, you should pay attention.

cd7 9883

MMMMM.....Cotton Candy

cd7 9920

Camryn didn't let the noises on the Midway keep her from napping.


One response

  1. Love it, just love it…and you too. I wanted to be a Pilot too.
    Uncle Tracy

    September 29, 2009 at 9:18 pm

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