See. Be Seen.

Join Us at the Dallas Arboretum March 31-April 1

What’s the Deal?

-30 minutes of photography for groups up to 5
-In studio ordering and viewing session
-2 Complimentary Facebook images
-20% off for orders over $500
-Session Fee $50

Bring the little ones, bring the family, or come as a couple.  Dallas Blooms is one of the most spectacular flower displays in the world.  We suggest you bring a picnic basket and enjoy the park after your session.  If you haven’t been, you owe it to yourself to see the park.  If you go every year, put your camera in the bag and let us do the work this year.  We have 8 appointments available for the day, starting at 9am.  Parking and fees to enter the park are not included.

There is a $250 order deposit required to book your session.

Dallas Arboretum PhotographerDallas Arboretum PhotographerDallas Arboretum Photographer


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