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Wedding Tips for the Best Photography

Ivey Photography is a Dallas Wedding Photography Studio based in Midlothian, TX.  After 10+ Years of Photographing Dallas Fort Worth Weddings, they are experts in capturing the stolen moments that tell the real story of your wedding.  Contact:  Chris Smith, Ivey Photography, 403 West Main Midlothian, TX 76065 972-723-2464


We are passionate about wedding photography.  We want your wedding portraits to be more than you could imagine.  With that said, we have some wedding day tips for you that will help you get the most from your wedding photographer.  We assume after you read this, you’ll be booking us immediately :-). Not every wedding has perfect circumstances,  but by using these tips, hopefully we will be able to deliver images that are beyond your imagination.

1.  See each other before the wedding.  The reason this tradition exists dates back to arranged marriages.  It wasn’t bad luck to see each other, it was actually forbidden.  We understand that you may still believe in the tradition, but at least hear us out before you completely rule it out.

See Each other before your wedding ceremony for the best photographs

a.  Pictures, pictures pictures.  There will be more high quality images from your wedding day , period.
B.  True Romance.  Seeing each other before the ceremony allows us to arrange the moment for you and have it happen EXACTLY how you want.  If you want the TRUE reaction from your spouse, the time to get it is when you are alone, not when you are standing in front of 200 people.  It will be more romantic, more intimate, and more exciting than you can imagine.  And the photographs will prove it.
C.  No Rush.  No matter how much time you plan for between your ceremony and reception, you cannot shake the feeling of having to RUSH to your guests.  No matter how much you say “We will have time”, you NEVER have enough time alone.  Every couple we photograph is “in a hurry” to get to the reception.
D. Time is Money.  Take FULL advantage of our time and talents by arranging AMAZING sessions before the wedding guests arrive.  Let’s meet at a favorite location, work the grounds of your church, or shoot in the best light.  You are paying GOOD money for photography, and seeing each other before helps you maximize that opportunity.
E.  PARTY on.  Don’t spend time with us when you can be celebrating with your guests.  Moving your photos to the pre-ceremony hours saves you time that should be spent with your family and friends.

2.  If you ABSOLUTELY cannot see each other, PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

Arrive early for the best wedding family portraits
a.  ARRIVE EARLY.  The earlier we start, the less stressful the photos will be.  Give us time to work with the Bridal Party and the Bride’s family, and THEN move over and work with the Groomsmen and the Groom’s Family.
b.  Build a GAP.  Instead of SQUISHING your wedding and reception one hour apart, build a 2-3 hour gap between.  This is great if you are moving from your church to a reception site.  Give your guests plenty of time to make the trip, and give us plenty of time to make the photos you want, without feeling the RUSH.  Have an afternoon service, and an evening reception.  Invite immediate family and close friends to both, and invite more guests to the reception only.
c.  BE ON TIME.  No matter what, be on time!  The best planner in the world cannot stop the clock.  Plan for extra traffic, extra phone calls, and budget your pre-wedding time wisely.  You would be surprised how many sunset photos never happened because everyone was running 30 minutes behind.

3.  Hire a certified Planner.  As much as your budget will allow, we urge you to hire a planner to keep track of your time and keep all of your vendors accountable.  More often than not, weddings that run off schedule tend to pinch your photography time first.  A certified wedding or event planner will keep things moving, cater to your every need, and work closely with us to be sure we get the time we need with you to make the portraits you are paying for.

4.  Relax.  Above all, try to enjoy yourselves.  So many couples are so caught up in the process and the details, they forget to slow down, look around, and enjoy their day.  Your images will reflect your attitude completely.  The more you can go with the flow, let professionals do what they do, and understand that everyone is on your team, the more you will enjoy your day.

We hope we can be there to photograph for you.  Congratulations on your engagement.




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