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What our Clients Are Saying: Mother of the Bride

From the first visit with Chris and Shana we felt like we were meeting with old friends.  We were very impressed with their body of work and my daughter said they made her feel calm and she had confidence in their ability to capture the special moments of her day without chaos. The photography is unique and fresh.  Chris has always been up front and honest and there have been no hidden fees as we’ve experienced with other photographers in the past.  They sent me an e-mail a few days after the wedding with a picture of my husband with our daughter before the wedding – their private moment.  The photo brought me to tears as they captured the true essence of the two of them.  Priceless! – Grace Simpson, Mother of the Bride (Emily & Aaron 08/04/2012)


Dallas Wedding Photographer The Magnolia Hotel

One Last Embrace

We’d like to relay the back story of this photograph.  Many times, people mistake our work as “photojournalism”, and although we do try to keep things looking natural, there are certain times when we manufacture situations so that we can get the best from our clients.  In meeting with Emily and her family, we KNEW that her Daddy was VERY important to her.  She’s the baby in the family and I could see the emotion on his face from the first time we talked about the wedding.  Knowing this, we wanted to create a very special circumstance for the two of them to share a moment together.  After the bridal party portraits, and just before the ceremony, we asked Emily’s dad to wait in an area we thought they could be alone.  We selected the location for its privacy, but also for the beautiful light falling in through the windows.  Once the scene was set and Don was in place, we asked Emily to approach from the next room.  And although we put them in this situation, which may or may not have happened without our prompting, the emotion on their faces is pure truth.  Emily was in tears before she even reached out to touch him, and although he tried to laugh it off, he couldn’t help but do what comes naturally to any dad, just hold on.  The photograph itself does have a journalistic quality, in the sense that we did not ask them to embrace, or cry, or act a certain way.  We merely gave them the floor and let it play out.  If we hadn’t done it here, in this light, with the approach we took, they may have had their moment, but they wouldn’t have this image.  We are proud to have created this for them.  Shana, who actually photographed it, was very emotional after taking it, saying that she’d give a million dollars for an image like this with her dad.  I think we all would…..


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