See. Be Seen.


The Creation of an Ivey Portrait

In 1977 Ray Ivey started a quest to create the finest photographs his clients had ever seen.  Today, the journey continues as Ivey Photography works to capture a unique visual history for you.  The decision to create unique and timeless works of art to record and represent each of our client’s personal visual histories affects every step of the creation and finishing process.  The attention to detail in every aspect of this creative process is designed to culminate in the finest photographic portraits, both physically and esthetically, available in the world.

There are several important philosophies that form a foundation for every commission that we are privileged to create.
First, we believe that the experience of creating the images is as important as the images themselves. Your portrait session will be a warm, relaxed, and fun time, with great memories attached! The Ivey Team embraces and encourages the uniqueness of each of their clients. The experience of creation is inseparable from the image being created. A great portrait session will forever bring a smile to the ultimate viewer and to the subject. Ivey Photography is dedicated to making the portrait process a pleasure and your finished portraits, treasures for a lifetime.

Second, that the images created are designed for each of our clients needs and desires.  Portraits are as varied as the histories of the subjects. Every portrait commission begins with a design consultation to allow each client an exceptional portrait experience as well as finished portraits as unique as our clients.

Third, Ivey has chosen to produce a superlative product. Every step in the finishing process spares no effort to that end. From printing on the photographic paper with the longest archival life, to stretching hand stripped canvas portraits, and printing at the finest professional laboratory in the US, you will find no finer quality.

Ivey Photography is truly honored to create personal visual histories that celebrate the most precious treasures of the heart.

Ivey Photography is now owned and operated by Chris Smith.  Chris founded Agile Images ( in 2005.  His style and creativity, combined with the traditions of the Ivey Studio make Ivey the perfect choice for any of your photography needs.

Our staff:
Chris Smith – Photographer, owner.  Chris specializes in natural light, location work and weddings.

Angie Smith – Chris’ right hand and handles all the back office issues.

Shana Woods – Staff photographer.  Shana specializes in family and children’s studio photography.

Janie Ivey-Whitter – Founder.  Janie is always around, but now she has free time to travel and spend time with family.  She’s never far away, and we like it that way.

David Whitter – Handy man and Santa.  Just come by for our Santa sessions and see him, but don’t let him know we told you it was him.  He really thinks he’s Santa under there.


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