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The Croix Family Portrait: 10-minutes and we’re done

This past weekend, I spent ten minutes with the Croix Family.  They wanted a family portrait, but their busy schedule, and young kids don’t allow for too many one-hour strolls in the park for a portrait.  So we met at a park near their home, and included their Golden Retriever, Abby.  Their kids are 5, 3, and ONE.  So you can imagine the slight chaos at the park, with the dog, and the kids going toward the playground equipment in the distance.  BUT, they had to head to a birthday party and our window was 15-minutes.  You can see the results here, including a full family shot, including Abby!

Make time for a family portrait.  It isn’t a big deal, and its the most important thing you can do for your family’s heritage.  If you do it here, it can be amazingly fast, or we can make it an adventure.  You choose.

Ivey Photography - Family Portraits in 10 minutes

The Six Pack

Ivey Photography - Family Portraits in 10 minutes

Ms. M.

Ivey Photography - Family Portraits in 10 minutes

Mr Z.

Ivey Photography - Family Portraits in 10 minutes

Mr. C.

Ivey Photography - Family Portraits in 10 minutes



German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Portraits: Cabela

We’ve “unleashed” a new website at Ivey Photography, one designed exclusively for our dog loving clients. Meet Cabela, a Champion German Shorthaired Pointer from Red Oak. Her mom, Jennie, brought her in this weekend for a session and we got some fantastic portraits of this very special dog. Cabela plays flyball, is a champion field dog, and has dozens of confirmation titles to her credit. Jennie and Cabela were invited to a very exclusive show and needed new portraits for Cabela’s catalog advertisement at the show. Thanks for coming in. Here are a few of my favorites from the session. If you want to see more dogs, please visit to learn about our portraits and pricing.

Chris Smith
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Policy Changes, Pricing, Minimum Orders: Effective 2012

Effective May 1st, we will have some changes to our pricing policies.  Until then, our $25 reservation fee and minimum order policies are in effect.  On January 15, our pricing structure will change.

For our standard family, children’s, maternity and engagement sessions, we no longer have “packages”.  We experimented with packages, or Collections for about a year, and decided that we are not a “package” studio.  We create custom products for your home.  Sometimes you can call it a “package”, but most of the time, its just what you want.  We do offer bonus incentives and discounts for larger orders, but you can expect custom creations and products designed for YOU, not Packages designed to sell you “stuff you don’t need”.  We’ve also lowered some prices on Wall Portraits and Custom Albums.  As always, print prices start at about $50.

Order Deposit
For MOST of our sessions, we require an order deposit at the time of your session.  This means you will pay money to be used during your ordering session.  We look at this like a “security deposit” from you.  We are happy to photograph just about any time, anywhere, but we can’t afford for clients to take advantage of our time and not place an appropriate order with us for their portraits.  Of course, if you don’t like your portraits, or are not happy with our service for any reason, your deposit and session fee are refundable.  The order deposit varies from $150-$500, and generally sets an expectation for you on what to anticipate starting your order with.  We will never tell you how much to spend, but we do want you to be aware of what is possible, and the order deposit will at least get you started.

Session Fees
Family, Engagement, or Maternity Photography:  Our new Session Fee is $75 for weekday appointments and $125 for weekend appointments.  There is no minimum order and we’ll work with you to design products that are best for your home.  Print prices begin at around $50, with sizes available up to 70×100 inches.

Children and Baby Photography:  Our Session Fee is $75 on the weekdays and $125 on the weekends.  There are no minimum orders, so buy what you like.  We do have minimum order requirements for our seasonal and discount programs.  Please ask for details on those special sessions.

Senior Photography:  Effective for the Class of 2012 Sessions, we will offer three session types.  The Mini, The Half, and The Full Session.  Our mini sessions require an $195 minimum order.  Our Half Session requires a $300 minimum order, and our Full Sessions require a $500 minimum order.  What you ultimately spend depends on the length of your session, the number of outfits, and the products you choose.  Call us for a complete consultation and we can give you a complete price guide.  The minimum orders for Seniors are not designed to tell you how much to spend, rather to direct you into a session that is appropriate for you and your budget.  You can spend ANY amount, no matter the length of the session, but you must spend more for the longer, more elaborate sessions.

For each session, we will now ask that you give us a few minutes of your time PRIOR to the session so that we may consult with you in detail about your session, the products you may want, and the spaces we may fill with your images.  We can conduct the consultation in your home, here in the studio, or by phone.  It just takes a minute of your time, but goes a LONG way toward helping us deliver our very best work to you.

We never enjoy discussing business on our site, but we feel it is important to announce these changes.  Our new pricing structure allows us to be more of a custom art studio, rather than a “package” studio.  We design custom products for your home using priceless images we create.  Sometimes that costs a little, other times that costs more.  Our minimum order policy was hampering us and causing confusion for some clients.  With every rule, there is the exception.  Our Senior Sessions, Watch Me Grow Sessions, and Seasonal Mini Sessions will still carry appropriate minimum order requirements.

We appreciate all of the business and look forward to capturing memories for you very soon.

Ivey Photography

Shamrock Showdown Flyball Tournament Dog Portraits

We recently photographed dog portraits at the Shamrock Showdown Flyball Dog Tournament. We had a great time playing with all of the awesome dogs and we made a ton of new friends. If you attended the event and would like to order more photos of your dog, you can do so by visiting our website and clicking on ORDER. Here are a few of our favorite portraits from the day.

Hank and Lola – Super Dogs – Dog Portraits

Hank and Lola came in our of the snow last week to have their portraits made. Their mommy brought them down from Dallas and we spent the cold day playing in the studio. Hank and Lola are mixed breed dogs, but the Rhodesian Ridgeback traits are strong in them. They were very calm, very relaxed, and easy to work with. The only time they got excited was for the last photo, when mom said “Let’s Go!”. We offer special rates for dog photography. It costs less than you think, so give us a call and let’s make man’s best friend into man’s best photo.

Pam Martin’s Top Dogs – America’s Got Talent

If you watched America’s Got Talent on NBC this past season, you saw Pam Martin and her crew of Top Dogs. Pam is the best dog trainer I’ve ever seen, and this week she put on a show for the camera at her Training Center in Garland. We took a big group photo and then she pulled out all of the stops with each individual dog. Here she is with all seven of her performing crew, including Viva (on her shoulder), who was her featured performer on the hit TV show. Pam made it to the Top 40 performers last summer on AGT. If you are looking for a step up in your dog training, go see Pam at She teaches obedience, agility, freestyle dancing, flyball and more.

You may also remember Pilot from our Award Winning Photo this summer…